What the Bible Says About the Media

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The Media. The Internet. Movies. Music. Social Networks. Television.  Entertainment. All these have become normal in our time- some of them so revolutionary that nobody could have imagined them three decades ago. But they are neutral? How do they wield their great influence? Does it really matter what we watch, read or listen to? Who makes them? How do we determine what it is appropriate?

In a sight and sound generation driven by the digital revolution, we must determine criteria for our media diet. We cannot afford to just swallow everything from websites and satellites, tubes and tabloids!   The only reliable way to do this is to discover God’s opinion about the media and His opinion is revealed in His word.

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS is a timely revelation of God’s position on the most influential tool on earth today: The Media. We will be wise to receive divine wisdom in a gullible generation.

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