Understanding Life Study Pack

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Study Manual + 22 MP3 teachings.

Life is the most important subject we can ever study. Yet it is a course no university offers.

Myles Munroe has asserted that where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Life deceives and confuses those who do not understand its nature, meaning and purpose. Many walk through life never having a grasp of what is vital and what is trivial. So they fritter it away. Studying life will open our eyes so we don’t dissipate it on the vain perishables of this world.

According to Eccles. 11:10, (Living Bible), “Youth, with a whole life before it, can make serious mistakes”. Since we’ve not been through life before and we are going through only once, “serious mistakes” are very possible in it. “The naïve believes everything, but the prudent man considers his steps” Prov. 14:15 NASB. If we naively believe everything everybody (people, society, culture, elders, the media, etc) says about life, without diligently seeking to understand life for ourselves, we will make costly mistakes in it. We must understand life. And you can leave some footsteps on the sands of time and eternity.

·         Learn The Origin & Meaning of Life

·         Discover Biblical Life Paradigms

·         Gain insight into Life Environment

·         Learn to see as God sees

Obtain keys for the Abundant Life

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