Overflowing Grace Study Pack

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Those who receive God’s overflowing grace and gift of righteousness shall reign as kings in life – Rom 5:17

Suppose you had grace – omnipotent benevolence( almighty need or challenge kindness)- guaranteed for every need or challenge. What if you knew all of God’s person, power and resources are available to help you in every situation? You will rest in the realization that you will be more than enough. You will reign in life. This is the heritage of the believer. It is life denominated in grace – a life where God’s unstoppable compassion undertakes you.

Grace is the fuel that runs the believer’s engine. It is the open secret of triumphant Christian living. It is this grace ( in the varied dimension) that is sufficient for every challenge. Grace is the divine antidote to every wile of hell, it is the primary nutrition for the evergreen and immovable life – freshness that keeps rebounding even after the devil has done his worst, and keeps progressing despite every opposition.

OVERFLOWING GRACE is an attempt to unveil God’s wondrous grace. It provides practical steps to finding the abundance of grace that makes it possible to reign in life.

Open these pages and let your journey into limitless life of abundant grace begin.

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