Red Lights

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Whose Report Will You Believe?


What makes something right or wrong? Whose authority do we regard as final? In a world drifting for lack of absolutes, the answers to these questions are crucial. We might be in the driving seat, using our ideas and feelings to regulate our moral compass, but what if we are wrong?



The matter has been settled for people of faith: “ The teachings of the LORD are perfect … The testimony of the LORD are correct.. the command of the LORD is radiant. “ Psa.19: 7-8 GW. God’s word is perfect, dependable, correct and radiant. What it says about anything should be final with us.

In RED LIGHTS, you will find God’s opinion of sexuality and wholeness so you can continually hide them in your heart. After all, as the psalmist said, “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you”.

Welcome to the treasures I found. I trust that they will help you as they have continued to help me.


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