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Take self-paced courses on various aspects of leadership,
Christian living and practical ministry

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Sendable Labourers

We equip members of the Body of Christ to take their place in God's program
of gathering the harvest right where they are in the marketplace
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Sustainable Missions

By adopting unreached tribes for intentional engagement we are driving
sustainable frontier missions among UPGs in Africa
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Kingdom Truth

We resource the Body of Christ with teachings in various aspects of life
and ministry for the building up of the Body
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How Much of What Jesus Paid For Will He Eventually Receive?

The answer to that question depends on what the Church does with the Gospel. At Eternity Ministries we labour with all we are and have to see the Blood potential of the Lamb fully maximized in the salvation of humanity.


Raising Christ-like leaders who know their God, are possessed by His Spirit

and are driven by a deep understanding of Divine priorities to harvest the nations

and reproduce their kind on earth.

Missions By Multiplication

We labour through diverse platforms at Eternity Ministries to multiply the 7 key components of missions, and channel them in the direction of Divine priorities

Multiplying Prayer

By mobilizing God’s people for Kingdom praying

Multiplying Labourers

By equipping the whole army of God to engage the harvest field

Multiplying Platforms

The Gospel to every nation by every believer from every platform

Multiplying Truth

By capturing and disseminating truth in every media format

Multiplying Resources

By mobilizing human, material and financial resources for the harvest

Multiplying Partnerships

By networking with individuals and organizations towards engaging the harvest

Multiplying Fire

By igniting hearts across the Body of Christ

Networking For Greater Impact

You can’t fulfil the Great Commission in isolation; join hands with other ministries across the globe through the Global Great Commission Network. GGCN exists to serve and support ministries and networks, and to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.

"Our partnership with GGCN is helping build strong ties to accelerate the gathering of the harvest."



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